"Success is Achieved Through a
Process of Many Steps"

Professional Collection Training - DVD Video Course

The Process of Professional Collections™ is an innovating, award-winning video based training program that makes it easier than ever to empower individuals with the communication and collection skills they need to be more successful in telephone collections. These training videos and workbooks are aimed at debt collectors, bill collectors, collection agencies, and anyone looking to increase profit by improving debt recovery.

The Process of Professional Collections™ provides practical reading instructions and engaging video scenarios that capture your attention—making learning more comfortable and lasting. It reinforces the essentials for the highest achievement in the demanding world of collections. Whether it's the initial training for new collectors or a refresher for experienced specialists, The Process of Professional Collections™ saves valuable time and generates results!

The Process of Professional Collections™ provides training in these important collection skills:

  • Developing an assertive telephone voice
  • Refining listening skills
  • Avoiding communication gaffes
  • Managing emotions
  • Preparing the pre-call plan
  • Making the opening statement
  • Asking the right questions
  • Making the transition to the payment arrangement
  • Handling objections
  • Closing the call