What is the collection philosophy behind The Process of Professional Collections™?

Customer service is the prevailing philosophy of The Process of Professional Collections™ program. A collector’s job is to produce an environment that motivates payment of an overdue balance. The Process of Professional Collections™ teaches a collection approach that emphasizes communication skills and a systematic, professional approach for gaining a debtor’s confidence and commitment to pay.

What makes The Process of Professional Collections™ different from other collection training programs?

Unlike expensive seminars, boring workbooks, or outdated videos, The Process of Professional Collections™ offers a thought provoking, engaging training experience in a combination of interactive formats. Many companies and agencies have selected this affordable, effective training alternative to provide their personnel with cost-effective, quality collection training.

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How is the training material presented?

The Process of Professional Collections™ is a seven-module training program that combines preparatory workbook readings, video instruction, interactive video exercises, and role-play practice to convey vital communication and collection skills.

The video presentations have been carefully designed to both hold viewer interest and increase learning by providing realistic collection scenarios that blend serious instruction with a touch of humor. The interactive video exercises in each module require participants to choose a correct behavior or response from several possible alternatives. This proven training approach provides a thought provoking and entertaining learning experience.

What is The Process of Professional Collections™?

The Process of Professional Collections™ is a modular video training program specifically designed for training people who do telephone collections. The program offers in-depth instruction in the development of advanced interpersonal skills, such as matching sensory styles, maintaining accurate communication and influencing emotional states, along with essential training on the important elements of the collection call, such as pre-call planning, handling objections, and closing the call.

Awards presented to The Process of Professional Collections™:

Human Resource Executive Magazine
Editors chose The Process of Professional Collections™ as one of the top ten training products of the year, upon its initial release.

”This video based training course is entertaining, professional and substantive. (Its) unique and interesting presentation, with above average materials that reinforce the training theme” qualified the program for this prestigious honor.

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What our customers are saying about

The Process of Professional Collections™
“We are working with experienced collectors . . . your video serves as a good refresher . . .”
Allison Milhem, Human Resources
Hammerman & Associates

“. . . seasoned veterans and relative newcomers to the collection business have found
the series to be enlightening, educational . . .”
Chris Schofield, Collection Manager
AT&T Credit Corp.